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The Gods of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Florida Roadkill: A Novel - Tim Dorsey If you like your heroes to be psycho-killers, your action fast, your drugs considerable, constant and diverse, appreciate learning creative ways to extinguish human life, enjoy a large body count, appreciate a twisted, but informative guided tour of Florida, and don’t mind laughing out loud as you read, Florida Roadkill is the book for you. Dorsey opens with a bit of carnage, circles around to show us how it came to be, then zooms ahead with even more. There are drug dealers, drug users, radio bigots, real estate crooks, insurance crooks, HMO crooks, a coke-addled stripper/con-woman/extortionist, overage bikers, and frequent homage to the Florida's cultural icons, from Sonny Crockett to John McDonald to Carl Hiaason, from the Marlins in the World Series to a space shuttle launch. My favorite exchange in the book is between two of the few decent folks on these pages:
“Seriously, why do we stay in this state?” Sean asked.
“Co-dependency,” said David.

This book is great fun, (there are now 11 in the Serge series) but only if you have the stomach for it. Despite all the violence, it is crystal clear that Dorsey, like his protagonist, Serge, really, really loves Florida. But you might be forgiven if, after reading this, you alter your travel plans.