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Past Reason Hated - Peter Robinson This is the 7th Robinson Banks mystery I have read over the last two months, and I have reached the point of diminishing interest. The book is perfectly fine, if uninspired. It has become apparent however, that Robinson does fall into certain ruts. This is not the only one of the 7 in which the female investigator, in this case, Susan Grey, dates the ultimate baddie. It is yet another in which one of the main characters was sexually abused by an evil parent. It is yet another in which several of the female characters express an interest in Banks, whether expressed or internal. Peter must be projecting his wishes a bit here, I expect. The parallel investigation technique is not fully developed in this one. There is only a bit of it, as Susan investigates what appears to be a case of vandalism. He does this much better in his later books. I suppose I would be interested in reading new material from him. In a Dry Season was exceptional. But I will not soon be delving into others of his earlier works. There are simply too many other sirens calling.