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Hieroglyph: Stories and Blueprints for a Better Future
Neal Stephenson
Ukraine: Zbig's Grand Chessboard & How the West Was Checkmated
Natylie Baldwin, Kermit D. Larson
The Girl on the Train: A Novel
Paula Hawkins
Our Souls at Night: A novel
Kent Haruf
Above the Waterfall
Ron Rash
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Stephen King
Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction
Cathy Whitlock
The Homicide Report: Understanding Murder in America
Jill Leovy
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
Erik Larson
The Gods of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Blood At The Root - Peter Robinson When a 21-year-old racist is beaten to death in an alley near a pub, it is thought the work of three local Asian-Brits. But the investigation by Banks and DC Susan Grey leads in a different direction. The head of the white-power group with which the victim is affiliated is into more than just hate politics, and the young man has run afoul of desires that have nothing to do with race. Banks pursues his investigation while his wife is ending their 20-year marriage, making it so much more fun for him. Susan has the hots for Banks but keeps it to herself. Banks’ personal life includes having lunch with a musician lady-friend. Susan is betrayed by her boyfriend, who is pumping her for information on Banks and then forwarding it to their boss, Riddle.