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Hieroglyph: Stories and Blueprints for a Better Future
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Ukraine: Zbig's Grand Chessboard & How the West Was Checkmated
Natylie Baldwin, Kermit D. Larson
The Girl on the Train: A Novel
Paula Hawkins
Our Souls at Night: A novel
Kent Haruf
Above the Waterfall
Ron Rash
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Stephen King
Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction
Cathy Whitlock
The Homicide Report: Understanding Murder in America
Jill Leovy
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
Erik Larson
The Gods of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush - John W. Dean Dean focused on the Bush/Cheney obsession with secrecy. He says that while Nixon ultimately resorted to a paranoid concern with secrecy, the Bush/Cheney administration started out with an agenda that called for eliminating any light on White House activities. He is also quite adamant in pointing out that this is the most lawless bunch of crooks to ever wield power, worse, by far, than Nixon. He calls for their impeachment for lying to congress and the American people about their rationale for the war. Coming from someone with his pedigree in government it is very compelling, and very frightening, because the world he describes is one, ultimately, of fascism. Dean does not use the word (at least I cannot recall him using it) but that is clearly the intent. He does include a chapter on scandal, and raises hopes that eventually, whether during a potential second term, or once out of office, when light is shone on activities, as he believes is inevitable, the potential for scandal is immense.

There is a nifty appendix that notes many organizations involved in anti-secrecy activities.