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Hieroglyph: Stories and Blueprints for a Better Future
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Ukraine: Zbig's Grand Chessboard & How the West Was Checkmated
Natylie Baldwin, Kermit D. Larson
The Girl on the Train: A Novel
Paula Hawkins
Our Souls at Night: A novel
Kent Haruf
Above the Waterfall
Ron Rash
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Stephen King
Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction
Cathy Whitlock
The Homicide Report: Understanding Murder in America
Jill Leovy
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
Erik Larson
The Gods of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
F.U.B.A.R.: America's Right-Wing Nightmare - Sam Seder;Stephen Sherrill This is a snarky look at the horror that is the right wing in power in the USA. I found it annoying to read. While I do not disagree with much that they say, I did not find their attempt to make their critiques amusing at all affective. I even thought of dropping it pre-completion, but it has the benefit of being a reasonably quick read. Not recommended. There is little that is more annoying that failed attempts at humor, particularly when the subject matter is so dire.

Having written the above when only half done, I can say that the second half is considerably more entertaining. Of particular note are chapters that address the Republican fixation on issues of gayness, a wonderful chapter on Adam Nagourney in which the authors list in sequence a selected list of Nagourney article titles that tells a very compelling tale of Adam’s bias, and fabulous columns that might have been written by Thomas Friedman. My favorite was one in which Friedman contends that the sacking of Rome was ultimately a good thing for the Romans.

So, while I did not love the book, it has enough content to make it worthwhile